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Shannah Holt owner of Virtual Marketing

Hi, I'm Shannah Holt Your Virtual Marketing Guide- I help you be everywhere without YOU actually having to be EVERYWHERE.

I get it. What YOU do best is help your clients succeed (by using your products and services). But...

When it comes to marketing your business you may be...

  • Overthinking every step
  • Overwhelmed at being EVERYWHERE ALL the time
  • Frustrated over the ever changing algorithms
  • Feel like you are on a content creation hamster wheel
  • On the verge of BURNOUT

My business is to help you get your content and products found online through search without...

  • Dancing on video
  • Sending direct messages on social
  • Booking sales calls

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You spend hours hunched over your computer creating content, that you want your prospective clients to know about. But no one is seeing it.

Use my cutting edge organic marketing strategies today. 

Learn how to diy!

Read my ultimate guides and blog posts.

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Let's do this together! 

Get my guidance with a strategy session, toolkit, bundle or course. 

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Let Me Do it for you!

Let me take the wheel and navigate your business through the weeds so you can spend your business hours doing what you love. 

Praise and Testimonials

Shannah is the first person I think of when I need help with SEO, keyword research, Pinterest strategy, and really anything Social Media related. She stays current with the trends which ensures the approach I'm taking is the best one in any given moment. I'm incredibly happy with Shannah's dedication and work ethic, and with her background in business, she is a very valuable member of the team.

Cher Tuz  Business Owner

Before Shannah, I would be forced to choose between calling prospective students or creating / publishing content.

As a result, we wouldn't be able to help as many children reach their excellence!

Shannah does what she says she's going to do; and doesn't wait for ME to produce all of the content... she also takes on that role when needed.

I have confidence in knowing that valuable content is being released daily!

The work she's been doing has been incredible... our SEO numbers are up, and the articles look great!

I would not hesitate to recommend Shannah and her services to absolutely ANYONE!

Luke Dalien

Before I met Shannah, I was lost with no idea how to take my ideas to expand my website in a way that matched what was there. I also had no clue how to prioritize the content or what it would take to get the result I was looking for. She went above and beyond! Shannah is a wealth of information, skill and creativity. I highly recommend Shannah Holt and look forward to working with her again. 

Rhetah Kwan ● Life Coach